of your Seal code or check if the brand is part of the Ingredient Branding program
The Swarovski Seal

The Crystals from Swarovski Seal comprises the latest security features. 
Apart from its hologram effect, every seal tag and sticker has a unique 16 digit code that can be found on the front of the tag or sticker directly below the seal. 

If you don’t have a code at hand, you can also check if your product is offered by a brand that is part of the Ingredient Branding program.

Without a code, you can check here if your product has been made from a brand that is part of the Ingredient Branding program.

Official licensees:


    #brand# is part of the Ingredient Branding program of Swarovski and is therefore authorized to use the statement “crystals from Swarovski ®” and the “Crystals from Swarovski®” Seal in connection with its products sold under the brand #brand# incorporating 100% Swarovski® Branded Crystals.

    Verification failed

    Unfortunately, this brand cannot be identified in our database. If you have a Seal tag or sticker with a code and want to check which brand the code was issued to, please enter the code in the “verify code” section.

    because we love swarovski crystals

    Making the best crystals in the world is our passion. With the widest range of colors, forms and sizes, the best durability you can find, and produced in a sustainable way.

    That unique sparkle has defined Swarovski since 1895. It has inspired generations of the world’s best designers, and infused people’s lives with glamour.

    And because we love it so much, we want you to know how to recognize products embellished with Crystals from Swarovski.

    That’s why you should look out for the Crystals from Swarovski Seal used by our official Ingredient Branding partners.


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